Gonnesa Knife

Sardinian knife “Foggia antica”

“Old-fashion shape knife”, that’s the meaning of “Coltello a Foggia Antica

That’s a knife traditionally built using a mutton horn handle in a single piece, banded at the two ends with metal stripes (often brass or nickel silver). Like most Sardinian knives there is no blade block. The open blade simply leans on the metal collar. It is a simple knife, with the blade dedicated mainly to skinning animals.

In last years the craftsmen ofren replace the monolithic handle with a composite one, made with horn covers and metal inner elements, according to a building scheme typical of other Sardinian knives.

Knives Foggia antica are working tools realized with elegant and harmonious lines. they are simple, strong and sincere as the people of Sardinia.

Among the different forms, two are the main ones:

1) Gonnesa knife (from the village of Gonnosfanadiga) with a simple leaf shaped blade

Sardinia knife

Sardinian traditional knife

2) Arburesa knife (from the village of Arbus) with a more complex blade

Arburesa knife