Knives of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is an Italian region with wonderful mountain landscapes and a long stretch of coastline.

Abruzzo’s mountains represents one of the main wilderness areas in Italy, whith wild wolves , rare birds and an exclusive brown bear subspecies that survive with only a few dozen of specimens.

The region owns one iconic knife, well known by traditional knives’ fans, called in Italian Gobbo abruzzese that is “Abruzzo’s hunchbacked”.

The reasons for this name are clear taking a look at the pictures below. You will notice that the handle in this model is almost straight for two thirds of the length, then suddenly benting down and forming a sort of hump.

It must be however stressed that the name “Gobbo” does not seem to have an origin in Abruzzo Region, where these knives were locally called just …. coltelli (“knives” )!

It’s a knife built in different styles, according to the construction place, with a horn handle and a slipjoint spring held in place by pins

The Gobbo abruzzese is a sturdy work knife used by shepherds and farmers. The ergonomics given by the shape of the handle is remarkable and the knife in the closed position is very compact and comfortable in your pocket.

The lines of this knife are fascinating. The Gobbo abruzzese is a craftsmanship masterpiece and definitely one of the of the most precious gemstones in the tradition of Italian cutlery.

Gobbo abruzzese knife

The main features of Abruzzo knives

The “hunchbacked” line of the Gobbo abruzzese is always unmistakable, anyway the main technical and aesthetic features of the Abruzzi knives are:

A slipjoint mechanism with a half stop of the blade halfway its rotation

The blade is often worked in two distinct planes, but the back is never sharp

Typical decoration of the handle and on the blade depending on the provenance

Abruzzo knives – list of models

  • knife or Gobbo from Loreto Aprutino
  • knife or Gobbo from Guardiagrele
  • Pescatore (Fisherman’s knive)

Here you can find pictures of knives from Abruzzi

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