Scarperia knife

Gobbo from Scarperia

The Gobbo Abruzzese is a knife from Abruzzo region. Gobbo means Hunchback and is referred to the handle’s shape of this model.

In Scarperia, Tuscany, the production of these knives began in 1800 and was addressed to Abruzzo markets to compete with the local blades, often manufactured in small workshops in low quantities.

The model in Scarperia has been then reinterpreted by the taste and creativity of local knife makers, becoming rather than a copy a real new typology.

the Gobbo from Scarperia is an elegant knife, more slender than the knife of Abruzzo and with a very sharp tip. It was sometimes produced in a very big version called Gobbo fuori misura which means “Out of size Gobbo”.

Gobbo Scarperia

What are the different feelings with the two knives, Gobbo Abruzzese and Gobbo from Scarperia, in your hands?

The Gobbo di Scarperia lacks of the rustic and ancestral charm of the Abruzzi knife, but from the other side it gains for sure in elegance.

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