Scarperia antique knife

Caccia Mugellano knife

Caccia Mugellano is a knife typical of Scarperia, the famous knives town next to Firenze

It’s a knife born in early 1900 to help hunters in skinning animals and in pulling out the shells from the gun. In previous decades and centuries there were already similiar models equipped with accessories usable with old muzzle-loading weapons.

In Scarperia, Maniago and Frosolone, with the diffusion of breechloader guns, knife makers began to apply a couple of extractors on the handle of the existing models.

In Scarperia moreover, some knife makers developed a new knife model that now we call Caccia Mugellano. “Mugellano” means “from Mugello”, that is the name of the area in which Scarperia is.

The knife, in the most widespread version, is equipped with a leaf blade, perhaps heir to the blades of the Maremmano knife already manufactured in Scarperia.

Caccia Mugellano knife main features

At the top of the handle there are two extractors (usually for caliber 12 and 16 shells) that also elegantly perform the guard funcion. In some modern knives there are instead simple bolsters.

The blade is thick, large and leaf shaped not too dissimiliar from the antique Maremmano  knife blade.

 – The handle is wide and straight, forming only at the end a harmonious curve and a tip

Italian hunting knife

Caccia Mugellano, with its simple lines integrating old shapes and new features is for sure one of the most elegant knives in Scarperia’s production.