Bellunese knife

Bellunese knife

The Bellunese is a knife from the Alpine area of Belluno, in Veneto region.

It’s a simple work knife that, as other traditional Italian knives of the Alps, has a handle made of boxwood or other local hardwoods and a sturdy, large blade with a charateristic form. Raw and elegant at the same time, it’s a work tool for mountaineers, farmers or shepherds.

The production of this model was likely to take place in different locations, probably by blacksmiths not exclusively dedicated to knife making.  The Bellunese knife however maintains in most known specimens a remarkable constancy of features that can easily lead to its immediate identification.

Bellunese knife main features

The handle is phallus-shaped  with wood engravings that can emphasize that representation. The penis and its images are archaic symbols of prosperity and fertility.

The blade is sturdy and heavy, with a typical ripple of the edge in its portion close to the handle

The back of the blade can be interrupted by a notch

It’s a friction folder knife. No springs, just a metal band around the upper part of the handle that give support to the open blade

The knife is often medium-big in size (20-25 cm)

Belluno knife