Italian traditional knives

Italy has an ancient tradition in knife making and a great variety in shapes and models.

In every part of the country there is a strong sense of indipendence and sometimes competition with other neighboring areas, moreover Italy has been for centuries a land of passage, conquest and colonization for armies and people of different origins.

These facts, associated with the past centuries’ artisans imagination, genius and taste for beautiful, led to an extreme diversification of traditions, arts and products among which, of course,  knives, with dozens of antique models dedicated to work, defense, and duel.

Italy  has its idendity as a unitary state only since 1861. The origin and the diffusion of traditional knives followed the ancient political and administrative division of the contry that doesn’t coincide with the current division into regions.

We nevertheless chose to use the actual administrative division in order to give an immediate understandable indication for the origin of various models and inserting the references to the ancient states in the description of the knives.

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